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UptimeAI uniquely combines Artificial Intelligence with Subject Matter Knowledge from 200+ years of cumulative experience to explain interrelations across upstream/downstream equipment, adapt to changes, identify problems, and give prescriptive diagnosis like a human expert would.


Future Proof Solution

  • Maximize availability

    100% plant coverage and high accuracy insights

  • Minimize efficiency losses

    Monitor process and equipment performance

  • Reduce maintenance expenses

    Live health monitoring of sensors & assets

  • Improve workforce productivity

    Democratize knowledge with explainable & self-learning AI

How does it work?


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Proven to Perform

With UptimeAI, you are one step ahead of unexpected losses. Traditional approaches cannot keep up with the complexity of large data and process. With UptimeAI, we can get early warnings and accurate diagnosis on equipment/process anomalies and loss of efficiency, increasing plant profitability.

Our Customers

TATA logo

One of the top 3 utilities in India covering generation, transmission & distribution

"Continuous learning is the key to creating an exponential value"

- RCM Head, Power Generation (India)

BPCL logo

India’s 2nd largest Oil Marketing Company

"First vendor who has shown us more than what we already knew with our analytics program"

- Diagnostics Head, Oil & Gas (ME)

BASF logo

The largest chemical producer in the world.

"Our turbine experts are retiring. Need a solution that can supplement and build on the domain knowledge"

- OT Head, Utility (US)

"Most impressive equipment monitoring solution in the last 10 years"

- Diagnostics Head, Utility (US)

Ready to Operationalize AI

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