AI in Downstream Oil and Gas: Transforming Efficiency and Safety

As AI adoption brings success in upstream oil and gas, the industry is now looking at its potential in downstream operations. Here are the top use cases that leading businesses have adopted so far.

Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning For Predictive Maintenance: A Primer

In this article, take a detailed look at the best pattern recognition techniques which drive modern machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance.

A Case Study on how early Detection and Diagnosis of Air Ingress in ID Fan System by ‘AI Expert’ saves $150,000 annually.

Learn how AI Expert's early warning and diagnostic capabilities enabled the customer to reduce losses and address the issue during scheduled downtime, resulting in significant cost savings of over $150,000 in current consumption, improved air…

BPCL Partners with UptimeAI to Drive Operational Excellence and Sustainability with AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

UptimeAI empowers BPCL to enhance plant reliability, reduce energy consumption, streamline maintenance activities, and monitor overall process performance.

A Cost-effective Approach To Eliminating Cement Plant Downtime

While maximizing overall equipment efficiency is the key to boosting cement production volume and revenues, machine downtime must be mitigated in the most cost-effective manner to maximize benefits. Here’s a viable strategy to solve this…

Predictive Maintenance With Machine Learning: What It Is And How It Works

While all modern predictive maintenance approaches use machine learning, selection of the right technique has a significant bearing on the results. Know what your options are when implementing an ML-based predictive maintenance solution, and what to…

From Sensors To Insights: A Comprehensive Guide To Iot-Based Predictive Maintenance

Internet of Things is a key technology used in predictive maintenance systems. Here’s how it fits in the big picture, and why IoT-based predictive maintenance is crucial in the modern maintenance organization.

How To Optimize Heat Exchanger Maintenance With Predictive Analytics

Fouling is a leading cause of heat exchanger downtime, which can significantly lower the availability of the overall plant. Here’s how predictive analytics can help optimize heat exchanger maintenance.

Revitalizing Roller Press Longevity: Real-Time Resilience with AI Expert Saves $150,000 in Cement Manufacturing.

Tired of recurring roller press disruptions and bearing failures causing extensive downtime and financial losses, learn how 'AI Expert' solves these challenges by providing proactive problem detection and precise predictive insights.

Early Detection And Resolution Of Fouling In A Condenser Saves $300,000 Annually.

Learn how AI Expert’s early detection and recommendation for mitigating fouling damage saved an enterprise $300,000.

Enhancing Maintenance Strategies With AI Expert: A Case Study On Early Detection Of Journal Bearing Vibrations In A Power Recovery Turbine (PRT)

Learn how AI Expert’s early detection and recommendations for journal bearing vibrations in a power recovery turbine (PRT) saved an enterprise $10,000 in unplanned downtime.

AI in Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance strategies have remained relatively static over the last century – until an anomaly causing aircraft downtime changed everything for the better. See how predictive maintenance has evolved with AI, and why it is a major breakthrough in…

How to avoid unplanned machine downtime and unleash peak productivity

Machine outage can be caused by multiple reasons, ranging from ineffective maintenance to repair quality and human errors. With a calculated strategy, most of these causes can be addressed, to unlock unprecedented efficiency levels.

Early Detection & Root Cause Identification Of Increased Bearing Temperature In An FD Fan Saves $120,000.

After a scheduled maintenance activity, the bearing temperature in the FD Fan was gradually increasing from 40°Cto 51°C without any change in the operating conditions. Learn how AI Expert quickly identified the issue and its root cause.

Prescriptive Maintenance Explained

Prescriptive maintenance (RxM) is an advanced maintenance strategy that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to achieve the highest degree of operational efficiency.

Transforming Rotary Kiln Maintenance Workflows With Predictive Analytics

Leveraging predictive maintenance for some of the most common kiln failure modes can significantly increase the uptime of your cement plant. Here are three key maintenance processes that you can optimize with machine learning.

Enterprise Achieved Sustainability Goals By Early Detection Of NOx Emission Issues In Its Boiler

Learn how AI Expert’s early detection of NOx emissions from a boiler helped an enterprise meet its sustainability goals.

Maximizing The Returns On Your Assets With Asset Performance Monitoring

Monitoring asset performance is a crucial aspect of asset lifecycle management and maintenance strategy in asset-intensive industries. But with technologies like AI and IoT gaining traction in industrial operations, asset performance monitoring has…

Cement Plant Equipment Condition Monitoring – Improving Plant Operations

As the global cement industry recovers from the profitability and demand shrinkage caused by the pandemic, adopting a holistic monitoring framework will be crucial to drive the much-needed shift away from the traditional operating model.

AI Expert Mitigates Heat Exchanger Losses, Saves $150,000 Annually.

Learn how AI Expert’s early detection of heat loss helped save $150,000 annually. Download the case study to know how AI-powered predictive analytics can do wonders for your asset performance & predictive maintenance strategy.

Power Plant Performance Optimization strategies in Emerging Power Scenario

The emerging power scenario has been a game-changer for the power generation industry. Join us, as we discuss the latest strategies and techniques for optimizing the performance of power plants.

Transferring knowledge using AI

Jagadish Gattu, founder of UptimeAI, speaks with Carol, founder of Vertical Elevation, about the company's journey to success and the challenges along the way.

Leveraging data for smart manufacturing

The difference between efficient manufacturing and inefficient manufacturing is the ability to make use of data. This episode is about how UptimeAI helps manufacturers solve issues before they manifest by ingesting data generated from the production…

Transforming Power Plant Maintenance And Operations With Data Analytics

Amidst increasing push for sustainable energy, regulatory pressure and traditional maintenance, repair and operations challenges are now on the top of power companies’ agenda. Here’s how data analytics is helping them.

Optimizing Wind Turbine Maintenance Costs with Predictive Maintenance

Despite rapid industry growth, maintenance of wind turbines remains a non-trivial aspect on the balance sheets. Here is how predictive maintenance can help.

Predictive Vs Prescriptive Analytics: What they do, and How they differ

Understand the key differences between predictive and prescriptive analytics technologies, and how each of them aids decision making in maintenance, repair, and operations.

A Revolutionary AI-based Virtual Expert for Plant Operations

AI based virtual expert to enhance efficiency and predictability in Plant Operations.

Predictive Maintenance in Power Plants: An Industry Mandate

Amidst internal, geopolitical, and regulatory turbulence in the Energy and Power industry, predictive maintenance is becoming the key to keeping the balance sheets sustainable.

Predictive analytics in the Oil and Gas industry: Where is the value?

As the Oil and Gas value chain brings its focus back to the fundamentals, the ROI on digital investments will be top of mind for decision-makers. Where do predictive technologies for Oil and gas stand?

RCM and PdM with AI & ML – Myths vs Reality

Some people believe that RCM and Predictive Maintenance are too expensive, or that they require highly specialized skills and expertise to implement. Join us as we bust a few myths.

Four types of Predictive Maintenance Explained

Predictive maintenance can reduce maintenance costs by 25% and breakdowns by 70%. But not all predictive maintenance strategies will bring these gains. Here are 4 key types, decoded by their efficacy.

Precision Maintenance: What it is, Why you need it, and How to start

Learn how precision maintenance can optimize maintenance schedules to maximize your asset lifecycle and contribute significantly to your asset ROI.

The Next Big Thing in Oil and Gas Analytics

As advanced analytics technologies attain maturity, the oil and gas industry is headed towards the next frontier of its evolution. Look how it'll improve production efficiency and cost savings.

Reactive Maintenance to Prescriptive Maintenance – How to pave the way

Reactive maintenance is a process that follows a plant’s failure. 82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident over the past three years. Most have suffered two or more.

SCADA Data Analytics: The Why and The How

With SCADA data analytics, turn your operational data into rich insights to achieve cost benefits, improved uptime, and peak productivity. Learn how.

The Future of AI in Plant Operations

AI is expected to improve operating conditions in a plant, support industry 4.0 initiatives, and make enterprises more profitable, but what promises can it truly deliver? Let's find out.

RCM Vs. Predictive maintenance

Though Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) entail pre-scheduling work orders based on consumption, time, or performance factors, they are not synonymous. Learn how they differ.

AI-based Asset & Plant Performance Company, UptimeAI raises $3.5 Million

UptimeAI raises $3.5 Million in funding led by Emergent Ventures. Joining the round are existing investors YourNest Venture Capital and new investors Sharad Sanghi, AI Sprouts, and Venture Catalysts.

AI Expert Improves Steam Turbine Efficiency Resulting In An Additional Revenue of over $100,000 annually.

Learn how AI Expert has correlated over 200 tags in a steam turbine to detect turbine fouling and suggested recommendations to address it.

Predictive Maintenance in Cement Industry

Increasing demand, fierce rivalry, and efforts to reduce carbon footprints are driving the cement industry toward the digital revolution. Learn how predictive maintenance in cement manufacturing is improving plants' OEE.

How can process manufacturing use AI for system-wide optimization

Jagadish Gattu, CEO of UptimeAI Inc., speaks with Erik Walenza-Slabe, CEO of IoT ONE, about the current state of artificial intelligence for system optimization and process manufacturing.

Advanced Processes for Asset and Reliability Management (Masters level)

Learn how to do failure reporting and analysis (RCA & CFA) the right way. Get practical tips on how to bridge the disconnect between maintenance/reliability teams and technology.

Early Detection and Diagnosis of Kiln and Cooler Efficiency Loss in Cement Manufacturing Saves $300,000.

A huge coating piece stuck on the grate resulted in higher cooler input fan pressure causing a drop in cooler efficiency. Learn how UptimeAI quickly identified and diagnosed the issue.

Condition-Based Maintenance vs Predictive Maintenance

The distinctions between condition-based and predictive maintenance may not be obvious at first glance. Learn how they both differ and understand which approach is better for your enterprise.

How to Implement Predictive Maintenance?

Learn how the reliability crew implements a predictive maintenance strategy to monitor impending equipment failure and assigns repair duties.

How to Create A Culture of Reliability

Get practical steps you and your team can take to create a reliability culture within your organization. Watch Now.

Early Detection And Diagnosis Of Excess Steam Consumption In A Blower Saves $350,000.

Learn how UptimeAI's "AI Expert" identified the cause of the efficiency drop due to the suction strainer choke, saving over $350,000.

AI-Expert Predicts The Root Cause Of Compressor Vibration As Fouling In 30 Min

Learn how UptimeAI's "AI Expert" identified the root cause of compressor vibration as fouling in 30 minutes to save over $154,000.

PFMEA Explained

Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) is a great tool to identify and evaluate potential process-related failures. Learn how you can implement it.

AI Expert Identifies Boiler Feed Pump Problems Caused by Improper Maintenance.

Even with a host of tools available, it can be difficult to identify the adverse effects of incorrect maintenance. Here, coupling position mismatch after maintenance activity created scoop command feedback issues resulting in higher pressure output.

Preventive Maintenance Explained

Are you wondering what exactly preventive maintenance is? Then, you have come to the right blog. Let’s check it out in detail.

Dos and Don’ts of maintenance planning and scheduling

With the right maintenance plan and scheduling in place, you can extend the lifespan of your OT assets and significantly cut your costs. Learn how.

Financial Express FuTech award 2022 for “Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics”

UptimeAI wins the FE Futech award 2022 for "Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics" in the gold category.

Jagadish Gattu on Practical Reliability

Jagadish Gattu, Founder & CEO at UptimeAI, speaks with George Williams, CEO at ReliabilityX about the evolving landscape of technology for plant operations.

Exploring the Root Causes of Microdieseling

Understand the concept of microdieseling, methods of identification, verification, and prevention. The application of a logic tree to a microdieseling-related failure will then be fully examined and various hypotheses determined for the entrainment…

What is Breakdown Maintenance?

Breakdown maintenance is the maintenance performed by your team when anything malfunctions. It is also known as reactive maintenance, which makes sense given that it is the reverse of proactive maintenance.

How to Reduce Downtime in Manufacturing

Reduce downtime and increase your manufacturing business profits

UptimeAI wins NASSCOM AI Gamechangers 2022 award.

UptimeAI wins the NASSCOM AI Gamechanger award for AI-based virtual expert for machine operations and maintenance.

5 Ways To Improve Your FMEA Strategy

Learn how you can improve your FMEA strategy to eliminate or reduce failures.

How to achieve operational excellence at your Industrial Plant?

In this candid interview with Startup story, Jagadish Gattu shares insights on how enterprises can achieve operational excellence.

How Digital Twins and AI are aiding Industry 4.0

Digital Twins and AI break chains, help industries bring out their A-game and get past their goals. Learn how they are aiding Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Pinch Analysis 2.0

Pinch analysis is a great tool for process improvement, but it does have its limitations. Learn how to overcome its challenges with Pinch Analysis 2.0.

Predictive Maintenance in the Renewable Industry

Advanced predictive maintenance strategies with AI & ML help the renewable sector achieve its sustainable goals. Explore the role of predictive maintenance in the renewable industry.

“Industrial Revolution 4.0 Has Set the Mood for AI Popularity in India” Says Jagadish Gattu

Jagadish Gattu, speaks about how Industry 4.0 encompasses AI, virtual assistant for plant operators, the evolution of enterprises from condition monitoring to predictive maintenance, and more.

Pitfalls of Automation – Reliability at Risk

As enterprises become more automated and algorithms continue to get smarter, let's look at how humans and AI might co-evolve.

Predictive Maintenance Techniques

Don't get caught by unexpected machine downtime. Play it safe with these predictive maintenance techniques that help you avoid costly breakdowns.

Predictive Maintenance in Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & gas companies are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Learn how predictive maintenance can help achieve both of these goals.

How AI and ML Is Transforming The Cement Industry

Let's look at some of the major ways that AI is powering better cement processes based on data science and new ways of improving production.

Best Practices + Personal Experience = Reliability and Maintenance Excellence

When it comes to Reliability & Maintenance, the best way to learn is from industry best practices and personal experience. But there’s only so much one can experience at job or read online. That’s why we’re getting O&M leaders to share them.

AI Solutions for Effective Plant Operations

With his prowess and years of experience in the niche, Jag Gattu has set up UptimeAI, operationalizing AI for Manufacturing & Process Industries across the globe. Read through his scintillating story!

All The Advantages Of A Total Productive Maintenance Strategy

Are you thinking about implementing a total productive maintenance strategy in your workplace? Discover all the benefits of the TPM approach here.

Equipment Maintenance – Basics, Objectives, and Best Practices

The main aim of prompt equipment maintenance revolves around maintaining full functionality and minimizing breakdowns.

Industry 4.0 And Santa’s Factory

What if Santa’s workshop operated with Industry 4.0 in mind? Here's how it would look.

Breakdown Maintenance vs. Preventive Maintenance: Key Differences

Breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance are two types of maintenance technicians perform. Learn how they differ, their pros and cons, and how they are applied.

Reliability Centered Maintenance – Maintenance As Per The Performance Standards

Find out all about how Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is performed to optimize maintenance programs & establish minimum safety equipment levels, cost-effectively.

ENRich2021 startup search award from KPMG India.

ENRich2021 startup search award from KPMG India, in recognition of leading tech innovation in the Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) sector.

Condenser Optimization For Improved Power Plant Operations

Maximizing condenser efficiency can increase electrical output while minimizing fuel costs, meaning even small improvements in efficiency can result in a dramatic increase in profits and output.

Deferred Maintenance Explained

Deferred maintenance is the process of companies delaying maintenance and upgrades. The term “deferred maintenance” can also refer to expenses for replacement maintenance.

Why Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Needs to be Addressed?

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is a low-risk technique for forecasting issues and identifying the most cost-effective strategies for avoiding them.

Machine Downtime Analysis – Powered by AI

As critical as machine downtime is for your facility, it is important to understand and record downtime- whether it is past, impending, or planned. Learn how machine downtime analysis has evolved over years and how AI makes this failure-proof.

Downtime in Manufacturing- AI to the Rescue

When machine failure occurs, it doesn’t only cost financially. It can be a matter of brand reputation, quality & survival. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, downtime in manufacturing is soon to become a myth.

AI and Predictive Analytics — The Perfect Match

AI & Predictive Analytics are innovative technologies often mistaken for one another. Learn what they are & how they can help by optimizing unprecedented insights for your industry.

Creating Value From Your Aging Assets

Aging assets are considered a liability for manufacturers. But it is the underlying plant maintenance practices, not the asset age, that determine long-term asset performance. Learn how AI can help your assets outlive their operational period…

AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning: What is the difference?

Although hyped, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning are often confusing for enterprises. Learn how each of these differs from one another and when should you choose one over another for your enterprise applications.

How is AI helping the fight against COVID-19?

Learn how AI's ability to analyze millions of data points and point out valuable insights led to a much needed speedy Covid-19 vaccine development & distribution globally.

Why Explainability in AI is critical for a widespread adoption

AI solutions are typically perceived as a black box. Learn why Explainability in AI is critical today to add transparency & reliability.

AI for Tesla: A Real Competitive Advantage in Upcoming Years

Tesla is an automotive brand admired by millions. But at the root of its success & competitive edge lies a strong focus on AI. Know how here.

How AI can democratize tribal knowledge for manufacturing

Tribal knowledge is the greatest threat for manufacturing today. Learn how AI can help democratize what only your subject matter experts know.

Break Silos in Manufacturing b/w Operations & Maintenance teams with AI

In manufacturing plants, silos between operations & maintenance teams cause efficiency gaps & downtime. Learn how AI can help bridge the gap.

How AI unlocks potential of Remote Operation Centers

Remote Operation Centers are vital today to streamline plant operations & maintenance. Learn how AI can enhance their performance in every way.

Saving over USD 750,000 for a Power Company with AI-driven predictive maintenance

A leading power generating company with six units ran into a generator stator failure, despite using preventive maintenance, digital control systems (“DCS”) alarms, and condition monitoring for Plant Maintenance.

Predict asset performance, operational issues & downtime from miles away with AI

Plant Monitoring & Operational Excellence is a priority for every manufacturer today. Every plant has its trusted methodology to deal with this, whether with a traditional equipment monitoring solution, a CBM, APR, DCS, or an IoT /AI Platform.

AI driven knowledge transfer for utility workforce

Subject Matter Experts leaving creates a valuable void for a utility/energy plant. Learn how AI can create a knowledge bank for faster knowledge transfer.

Managing Asset Criticality Analysis with AI

Asset criticality has been a key approach in plant maintenance for ages. Learn how AI can ensure all your assets are treated critical & equal.

AI in Manufacturing – Deciphering the Hype

93% of manufacturers today believe AI to be most transformative for them. Know why AI in manufacturing works & what usecases are best suited.

AI for Plant Monitoring: choosing between Industrial AI apps vs Generic AI Platforms

Manufacturers wanting to deploy AI for plant monitoring are confused between a generic AI Platform VS a purpose built AI app. Download the whitepaper to know when to choose which.

5 steps to ensure your AI in Manufacturing PoCs succeed

Nearly 85% of all AI projects fail. Here is a 5 point checklist that will make sure your AI for Plant Operations project will not.

How AI driven predictive maintenance is reimagining plant monitoring

Predictive Maintenance might be the most recommended practice for plant monitoring, but it comes with its own issues. Learn what these problems are and how you can resolve them with AI driven plant monitoring in this article.

How AI enables a next gen Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management is a priority of every operator today. Learn how plant maintenance strategies evolved over years & how AI can bridge the gap.

5 Reasons for Machine Failure & how you can mitigate these

Understand what are the top reasons for machine failure & downtime and how manufacturers can stay ahead of these with an ai driven maintenance strategy.

Top trends in Manufacturing to watch out for 2021

2020 has been a year like no other for the manufacturing industry globally. While there were considerable setbacks like pandemic driven shutdowns & supply chain & operational issues, the learning & the digital transformation wave that was unleashed…

UptimeAI Selected to Partner with Reliance Industries JioGenNext

Meet the 11 startups from the 12th Batch of JioGenNext - the startup programme backed by Jio