Predictive Maintenance solution for Multi-site Operations

  • 100% Plant Asset Coverage
  • 7X Faster ROI within 90 days
  • 10X Reduction in False Alerts
  • Scale-up to all sites within 6 months
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Enhance Equipment Performance with Predictive Maintenance

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Use cases: Savings with AIExpert

Asset Issue Industry Savings
MAB​ Surge valve opening leading to excess energy​ Oil & Gas ​ $470,000
RGC​ Anti surge control valve could be closed 3% further down, savings steam, one faulty instrument was identified. Oil & Gas ​ $420,000
MAB Inlet filter needs cleaning leading to higher steam consumption with 26-week early detection Oil & Gas ​ $350,000
MAB​ Steam reduction opportunity with DP reduction across filter. Oil & Gas​ $79,000
Asset Issue Industry Savings
RGC ST Steam turbine and condenser fouling and exhaust temperature could be reduced Power $110,000
NGC The exhaust temperature of expander shows fouling Oil & Gas​ $95,000
FGC 101A Strainer choked of liquid ring line​ Oil & Gas​ $40,000
NGC Compressor excess fouling, 2-month advance detection. Oil & Gas​ $23,000
Asset Issue Industry Savings
PRT PRT bearing vibration increased due to misalignment Oil & Gas​ $230,000
STEAM TURBINE MAIN STEAM SYSTEMS Turbine bearing vibrations is increasing gradually​ Power ​ $197,079
FCCU MAB Turbine and blower bearing vibrations having spikes -- corrected(Carbon brush replaced) Oil & Gas​ $120,000
FGC 101A AI Expert predicted NRV partial failure Oil & Gas​ $62,000
TDBFP BFP turbine bearing vibrations increased , bearing found damage Power ​ $5972

Heavy Industry focused Operational Excellence Platform
for Continuous Plant Operations

Oil & Gas Refinery
Thermal Energy
District Cooling

Industry’s Broadest Coverage

Prescriptive Analytics with Failure Timeline

AIExpert OEx Platform

(Patented System Model Approach)

Monitor Equipment Health
Inbuilt Failure Modes for Performance & Reliability
Streamline Process Improvements
Less Reliance on Data Scientists
Scale solution with Operations Team
Unified Maintenance Analytics
Empower Sustainability Initiatives
Digitize Knowledge Management
Optimize Energy Efficiency

360° Predictive Maintenance Solution for Plant Heads

Maximize Uptime, Site by Site, Asset by Asset.

Monitor Equipment Performance & Reliability

Guaranteed complete visibility and proactive maintenance for every piece of equipment with Reliable Failure Mode Recommendations, to minimize dowtime

100% Success with AI Pilots

Unlock peak output with intelligent insights tailored to your specific plant conditions, with advanced customization for Maintenance Scheduling.

Embrace AI for Energy Efficiency

Mitigate flaring & Reduce emissions by optimising Plant Operations with site-specific adaptability across all sites to align with sustainability initiatives.

Digitize Knowledge Management

Fortify best practices including site-adaptive adaptability to enhance Process Excellence and future proof Plant Operations across all sites.

Empower Plant Operators

Enable Junior Engineers & Senior Plant Operators with patented System Model Approach to train the AI Models with a single click and scale the solution to other sites.

Energy Efficiency through Predictive Maintenance

Customer Stories

“UptimeAI helps us to integrate maintenance and operations”
“UptimeAI identified reliability failures caused by process issues”

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is predictive maintenance (PdM)?

Predictive maintenance, or "PdM", utilises sensor data from tools like temperature gauges, vibration monitors, and others to monitor equipment performance in real-time. This approach aims to detect and prevent failures before they occur.

How does UptimeAI implement predictive maintenance software in less than 30 days?

We follow a System Model approach to consider each unit as part of a System Configuration and follow the philosophy of Connected Systems. Hence, any early signs of malfunction are detected by identifying the first-order anomalies, enabling businesses to schedule maintenance before major issues occur, thus increasing uptime and productivity.

What role do artificial intelligence and machine learning play in predictive maintenance?

AI and machine learning are integral to predictive maintenance, analysing historical and real-time data from equipment to identify patterns and predict failures. These technologies continually improve their predictive capabilities by learning from new data, enhancing accuracy over time.

How do predictive maintenance solutions work with the Plant Operational Technology stack?

Predictive maintenance solutions include software, systems, and various sensors used to anticipate necessary asset maintenance. These tools help businesses accurately predict when assets may fail or require maintenance, preventing equipment downtime.

How does an Operational Excellence platform incorporate Prescriptive Maintenance?

An Operational Excellence platform integrates Prescriptive Maintenance by providing insights and recommendations on optimising the Equipment maintenance process. It goes beyond predicting failures and offering actionable advice to improve the overall efficiency of maintenance operations across plant sites and enhance operational excellence.