Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (“BPCL”), a ‘Maharatna’, a Fortune Global 500 Company, is taking an important step towards operational excellence and sustainability through its partnership with UptimeAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution provider for plant maintenance and operations. BPCL has implemented UptimeAI’s advanced AI-based plant monitoring solution, ‘AI Expert’, to optimize operational efficiency, enhance reliability, and promote sustainable practices within its operations.
UptimeAI, the winner of BPCL’s Startup Grand Slam Season 1 under the Project Ankur initiative that fosters a nurturing ecosystem for startups, is deploying ‘AI Expert’ at BPCL’s Kochi refinery. This facility, with a capacity of 15.5 MMTPA, assists in meeting the energy needs of various enterprises. The solution seamlessly integrates with BPCL’s existing operational technology tools, enabling continuous analysis of sensor data across the unit and the enterprise.

‘AI Expert’, powered by UptimeAI’s patented system models and self-learning workflows, empowers BPCL to enhance plant reliability, reduce energy consumption, streamline maintenance activities, and monitor overall process performance. With its innovative failure mode library, the solution identifies and diagnoses potential issues such as equipment malfunctions and excess energy consumption. This capability provides actionable recommendations for timely resolution and future prevention.

“Deploying UptimeAI’s solution has enabled us to bridge the gap between people and processes across departments, unlocking valuable insights from our vast pool of data.,” said Shri Sameet Pai, General Manager (Corporate Strategy), BPCL. “We believe, the ‘AI Expert’ solution has proven instrumental in providing us with recommendations to optimize our plant operations and drive continuous improvement.”

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) on their journey towards operational excellence and sustainability.,” said Jagadish Gattu, CEO of UptimeAI. “Deploying UptimeAI’s ‘AI Expert’ at BPCL’s Kochi refinery signifies a significant step forward in leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance plant reliability and performance.”

About UptimeAI
UptimeAI is an Artificial Intelligence company that offers the world’s first virtual AI assistant for plant operations. UptimeAI’s “AI Expert” uniquely combines artificial intelligence with subject matter knowledge from several years of cumulative experience to explain interrelations across upstream/downstream equipment, identify problems, and give prescriptive diagnosis at scale. To maintain high availability, improve efficiency, and eliminate unplanned downtime, AI Expert continuously learns while providing prescriptive measures. The company’s customers include several in the Fortune 100.

About Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL)

Fortune Global 500 Company, Bharat Petroleum is one of the integrated energy companies in India, engaged in refining of crude oil and marketing of petroleum products, with a significant presence in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. The company attained the coveted Maharatna status, joining the elite club of companies having greater operational & financial autonomy.

Bharat Petroleum’s Refineries at Mumbai, Kochi and Bina Refinery have a combined refining capacity of around 35.3 MMTPA. Its marketing infrastructure includes a network of installations, depots, energy stations, aviation service stations and LPG distributors. Its distribution network comprises over 21,000 Energy Stations, over 6,200 LPG distributorships, 525 Lubes distributorships, and 123 POL storage locations, 53 LPG Bottling Plants, 70 Aviation Service Stations, 4 Lube blending plants and 4 cross-country pipelines.

Bharat Petroleum is integrating its strategy, investments, environmental and social ambitions to move towards a sustainable planet.

With a focus on sustainable solutions, the company is developing a vibrant ecosystem and a road-map to become a Net Zero Energy Company by 2040, in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Bharat Petroleum has been partnering communities by supporting innumerable initiatives connected primarily in the areas of education, water conservation, skill development, health, community development, capacity building and employee volunteering. With ‘Energising Lives’ as its you core purpose, Bharat Petroleum’s vision is to be an admired global energy company leveraging talent, innovation & technology.


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