It’s no longer news that about 70% of improvement initiatives fail to reach their intended targets. An x-ray of these failures has thrown up things like culture & leadership amongst others as the root causes. One clear truth that stands out in Jonathan’s 17 years of experience working in multiple industries is that no matter how great the strategy we put together if we are not mindful of deliberately creating or fostering a culture that supports reliability, our likelihood of success becomes super slim.

In this webinar, we will be sharing with you practical steps you and your team can take to create a reliability culture within your organization and if you are already on that journey, give you the required boost to reach your goals faster.

Aired Date: Thursday 27th October – 11:00 am EDT
Duration: 30 Minutes


Jonathan David, CMRP, CRL, CSSBB, FIMC, CMC

Founder - The Maintenance Institute Africa | Digitalization Project manager - Shell

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