Despite the benefits of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Predictive Maintenance with AI & ML, there are still some common misconceptions about these approaches. Some people believe that RCM and Predictive Maintenance are too expensive, or that they require highly specialized skills and expertise to implement. Others think that these approaches are only suitable for high-tech industries, or that they are too complex to be applied to their operations.

However, these are all myths. In reality, RCM and Predictive Maintenance can be applied to any type of organization, regardless of the size or complexity of its operations. Additionally, AI and ML can automate many of the manual tasks involved in RCM and Predictive Maintenance, making these approaches easier to implement and use.

In this webinar:

  1. We’ll bust common myths on RCM and PdM with AI & ML
  2. AI’s role in Industry 4.0
  3. Learn how to avoid unplanned downtime

Aired date: Tuesday 28th March at 10 am Easter time

Duration: 30 Minutes


Andy Gailey
Andy Gailey

Condition monitoring & lubrication engineer for 20+ years in Pepsico, founding director of Uptime Consultant Ltd.

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