When it comes to Reliability & Maintenance, the best way to learn is from industry best practices and personal experience. But there’s only so much one can experience at job or read online. That’s why we’re getting O&M leaders to share them.

With Ramesh’s 50+ years in the Operations & Maintenance space, he shares his experience and knowledge on Reliability and Maintenance best practices. This webinar is designed for real leaders. Leaders who want to get their team excited by real world examples and useful tips they can implement ASAP on their job!

What you’ll learn:

  • Real-life best practices proven by Ramesh’s personal experience.
  • Tools, tips and tricks to ensure zero unplanned downtime.
  • Techniques for improving your RCM program.
  • O&M challenges faced by Ramesh and how they were solved.
  • How to effectively utilize today’s technologies to achieve operational excellence.

Aired Date: March 30th – 10 am CST
Duration: 30 Minutes


Ramesh Gulati

Reliability Sherpa

Watch The Recording

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