Even with the implementation of a distributed control system (DCS), early alerts continue to be elusive until reaching critical junctures. Faced with frequent breakdowns, costing significant losses due to downtime, a global cement manufacturer was looking for a predictive maintenance solution to solve these challenges.


With ‘AI Expert,’ early warnings and predictive insights are now their shield against unplanned downtime, propelling them towards operational excellence.


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Companies using UptimeAI are saving millions with timely alerts & near-zero downtime

“We were monitoring limited equipment in isolation. UptimeAI’s approach enables us to look at the interrelations & scale the plant”– Oil & Gas, Executive Asia

“Building a full plant monitoring application on an IoT platform is too difficult. In contrast, ‘AI Plant Expert’ offers higher ROI & quick scale-up with an out-of-box, comprehensive solution.”– Power, CIO Asia