When a challenge arises due to lubrication degradation, the main focus is applied to solving the issue. Often, this focus is placed on the physical roots or the things we can physically change. Once these physical roots are “solved”, we often realize that the underlying degradation issue appears again. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the real root causes and dive a bit deeper. Typically, most challenges have three types of root causes: physical, human, and latent or systemic.

In this webinar, we will explore the concept of microdieseling, methods of identification, verification, and prevention. The application of a logic tree to a microdieseling-related failure will then be fully examined and various hypotheses determined for the entrainment of air in the system. This guided example demonstrates varying methods of the introduction of air into the system either through air leaks or churning of the lubricant and a couple of other hypotheses. At the end of the presentation, the viewers will become familiar with the thought process involved in conducting a lubrication degradation root cause analysis and can apply it to their operation.

Aired Date: Wednesday 17th August – 11:00 am EDT
Duration: 30 Minutes


Sanya Mathura
Sanya Mathura MLE

Author | Trainer

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