In this case, a major ( 3*660 MW ) Thermal Plant encountered frequent performance and mechanical integrity issues in the turbine-driven Boiler Feed Pump (TDBFP). The TDBFP faced several challenges affecting its performance and reliability, posing risks to overall plant efficiency and reliability.

  • Increased suction flow for the same operating conditions.
  • Increased steam consumption of the TDBFP.
  • Elevated vibrations were observed at the Turbine Drive end bearing of the TDBFP.

Per Industry benchmarks, the average cost savings achieved was around $697,674 for the Thermal Power Plant by pre-emptively resolving the anomalies with AI Expert solution.

Learn how the Plant Operations team leveraged the AI Expert OEx operational excellence platform to learn from 110 tags associated with the TDBFP system and proactively address the underlying issues.


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