As per Industry reports, the average cost of unplanned outages in critical units of Heavy Industries can range from USD 1 million to USD 10 million per day.
Ex: Distillation Unit in an Oil Refinery
Hence, any significant downtime impacts key Business Performance parameters, including Plant Yield and Plant Output.

Explore how Heavy Manufacturing Industries achieve Zero Unplanned Downtime and Peak Plant Efficiency across all the sites with our Operational Excellence Platform, AI Expert.

What is AI Expert?
Industry Agnostic Operational Excellence [ OEx ] Platform built for Plant Heads in Heavy Industry with Continuous Plant Operations, looking to achieve Peak Plant Efficiency across all the sites within 6 months.



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“We were monitoring limited equipment in isolation. UptimeAI’s approach enables us to look at the interrelations & scale the plant”– Oil & Gas, Executive Asia

“Building a full plant monitoring application on an IoT platform is too difficult. In contrast, ‘AI Plant Expert’ offers higher ROI & quick scale-up with an out-of-box, comprehensive solution.”– Power, CIO Asia