In this case, the Distillation Unit of a Major Oil Refinery in India encountered frequent failures of the feed pump associated with the distillation column. Despite regular pre-emptive checkups, Plant Operators could not identify the root cause of the distillation column unit anomalies. Also, the DCS alerts were triggered too late after the equipment’s health deteriorated significantly, leading to the shutdown of the Distillation Unit.


As per Industry reports, the average cost of unplanned outages in critical units of Oil Refineries, such as the Distillation Unit, can range from USD 1 million to USD 10 million per day. Hence, any significant downtime impacts key Business Performance parameters, including Refinery Yield for a Crude Oil Processing Plant.

Learn how AI Expert showcased the issue’s progression from the root cause of reboiler fouling, leading to polymerisation and pump failure.



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