Plant Monitoring & Operational Excellence is a priority for every manufacturer today. Every plant has its trusted methodology to deal with this, whether with a traditional equipment monitoring solution, a CBM, APR, DCS, or an IoT /AI Platform.

If you or your team is struggling with one or more of these issues, then you are at the right place:

  • Preventing unplanned downtime & resulting production loss
  • Running in circles deciphering 1000’s of false alarms
  • Avoiding unnecessary Planned or Scheduled Maintenance
  • Making your predictive maintenance strategy more on-point with a dynamic plant environment
  • Bridging communication gap between your remote operations & on-site teams leading to delay in action
  • Sustainable Knowledge transfer from your subject matter experts
  • Alarms that point to random parts of assets instead of the root cause
  • Loss in Productivity, Asset Availability & Maintenance costs

All of these are merely the tip of the iceberg- pointing to an unoptimized maintenance system that may be costing you anywhere between $1.4M to $50M of annual lost revenue.

So, how can you improve this?

UptimeAI’s Artificial Intelligence Based Expert for Predictive Maintenance can predict an impending problem with a clear solution, enabling your plant engineers to understand and act in minutes without any manual rules. With a high accuracy that results in 5X fewer alarms, the Virtual Plant AI Expert ensures that your team can focus only on the issues that matter, away from all the noise. This results in faster resolution, higher productivity for your workforce, high availability, high efficiency, and reduced maintenance of your plant assets.

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Companies using UptimeAI are saving millions with timely alerts & near-zero downtime

“We were monitoring limited equipment in isolation. UptimeAI’s approach enables us to look at the interrelations & scale the plant”– Oil & Gas, Executive Asia

“Building a full plant monitoring application on an IoT platform is too difficult. In contrast, ‘AI Plant Expert’ offers higher ROI & quick scale-up with an out-of-box, comprehensive solution.”– Power, CIO Asia